What is up4success?

A comprehensive web-based system developed to promote excellence
within education by helping pupils and teachers be their best

Key benefits


Improved workload through providing precision planning for each child, group and class


Instant data which is readily evident in children’s workbooks


Develop responsibility and independence for faster learning


Access to activities that support their child’s learning in school

How it Works

up4success is currently split into two parts, a pre-school version and a primary school version.

Up4success is currently made up of one curriculum for the Under 5s and one for primary children.

Schools can use both systems according to the ages of the children. Pupil data is securely held on the system and children can move
between each curriculum and across schools.

The idea behind each curriculum is to create a precise educational framework that will help all children to thrive academically whilst also

helping teachers and leaders by offering planning, learning resources and tracking tools that are specifically personalised to

each individual child, each cohort and each school’s needs.

Under 5s

Activity based learning built for matching
I-Can statements
stages of development from birth to 5
Themed activities
Progress tracked for each stage
Precision learning plans match the actual children
Opportunity to identify key milestones and includes
setting baselines for 1,2,3 and 4 year olds
Options for electronic or hard copy learning journeys
Parental access

Primary school

Builds on the requirements of the national curriculum
with added precision
Matching i can statements to each child’s own
stage of learning
Offers small step progression to learn at the
next level of defficulty
Automatic class grouping and lessson planning
based across the concepts eithin each core subject
Evidence based approach that identifies learning in
pupil’s workbooks
Easy electronic markbooks link to work achieving
each i Can statement
Cohort tracking
Parental access to current learning with matching

Screen shots

I-can statements
Automatically generated lesson planners
Printable  pupil learning ladders
Easy to follow pupil progress
Resources to support learning
Resources to support learning
Whole school tracking
Pupil attainment tracking
Core subject reporting



Here’s what OFSTED have to say about schools running StepUp

Teachers’ lesson plans are explicitly linked to National Curriculum levels and a ladder of skills. This ensures a constant challenge in most activities planned.  As one member of staff aptly put it ‘There is no ceiling to the learning in lessons now…… As a result, pupils, particularly older pupils, know their targets and what they need to do to move to the next National Curriculum level.

Pupils’ achievement is good.  This is a significant improvement since the last inspection.  The systems which enable pupils to see how well they are doing and what they need to learn next (learning ladders) have been a key element in this accelerated progress.