Who are up4success?

We are really proud to share our journey in creating Step Up 4 Success because it has come from practical and innovative experience and expertise when supporting a school to retain its outstanding badge within the Ofsted framework. Since achieving our mission, the word has spread and now schools across the UK are strong Step Up 4 users.

We are really proud to share our journey in creating Step Up 4 Success because it has come from practical and innovative experience of working with many dedicated teachers.  We have used our expertise to support schools to be confident and proud of their pupils’ achievements and to be successful when facing our current inspection system.

We are determined to make teacher’s lives in the classroom easier. Never before have we had such a skilled teaching workforce yet teachers do not often feel this especially given the pressures of rapid and constant change ever being faced. It is time to give teachers the tools they need to have confidence in their professional judgements. Step Up 4 Success does exactly this.

Firstly we introduced a 4-point Assessment Year to ensure teachers can provide for each child to make enough progress to meet their age expectations through a small step approach to secure learning.

In devising a single point curriculum, markbook and tracking system we found that the challenges are the same for all schools – it is vital that every school is able to prove great progress giving each child the best access to education and improving their opportunities for successful future lives irrespective of their backgrounds and starting points. Step Up 4 does this because each child is considered as an individual learner on a frequent basis meaning that teachers can intervene swiftly at the very first signs of falling behind.

Our aim was to find ways to prove convincingly that children can make excellent progress because children have certain and deep learning of both knowledge and application of their skills.  Step Up 4 provides an excellent and thorough teaching and learning cycle which changes the way teachers teach, assess and provide for each child in order to have strong and regular proof of effective learning.  Step Up 4 Success focuses upon excellent learning sequences in each child’s workbooks with easily proven evidence.

Over the last three years, rapid improvements in pupil achievement have become usual in every Step Up 4 Success school. The impact upon children’s, parents and teachers’ knowledge of pupil progress and the motivation to succeed is impressive.

Step Up 4 has embraced all the latest changes including an approach to mastery which is based upon effective learning of skills which will equip every child to be confident in approaching new skills and knowledge for life.

Claire Thompson

DFE Educational Adviser
Independent School Improvement Adviser
LA Intervention Consultant
Ofsted Lead Inspector
EYPS Trainer and Assessor
Executive Leadership Coach and Trainer
Primary Headteacher (17 years)
Reading Recovery Lead Teacher

Beth Williams

Primary Headteacher (current) with outstanding school background
Leading Mathematics Teacher
AST for Teaching and Learning