• Will your products work on Mac and PC?

    Being web based both Step-up and Jump-up will work on and computer or enabled device running a modern browser.

  • What exactly is Step Up?

    Step Up is a precisely sequenced primary curriculum stored online for constant access. If followed properly this ensures rapid progression in learning across all subjects because children have worked planned for them at their next stage of difficulty.  It definitely fits the latest national expectations for the children in the UK and meets expected standards, greater depth and mastery.

    • The I Can steps are supported by:
    • class lesson planning.
    • group lesson planning for support staff.
    • children’s learning objectives for their workbooks.
    • electronic marking linked to evidence of learning achieved in lessons.
    • resources to support teachers have ideas for activities linked to I Can statements.
    • relevant homework for teachers to set if they wish to mark it or parental access
      to homework if theychoose to support their children’s regular learning at home and
      this means that parents know what is going on in their child’s curriculum during the school day.
    • automatic tracking of children’s learning through completing the electronic markbook.

    The only essential elements are the ICAN progression statements within each concept and the electronic markbook as all other planning and resources are there to make a teacher’s life as easy as possible.

  • So what make Step Up so special? Why would we be interested in buying it?

    • Step Up offers a logical sequence of learning steps in all primary subjects. The main attention is given to the core subjects of reading, writing and mathematics to reflect the amount of time children spend on learning in these subjects. All other subjects have I Can steps matching year group expectations so that the electronic markbook and tracking reflects everything a child achieves academically.
    • A confident and complete EYFS (aged 2- 5) in Jump Up comes before Step Up and integrates learning which is prior to compulsory education into learning pathways.  This KS1 and KS2 approach is constantly monitored, tracked and updated to meet the latest expectations.

    All Step Up 4 success schools have raised their rates of progress and this has significantly contributed to their improved Ofsted judgements  – none of our key schools are anything less than good now.

  • What makes Step Up different?

    • Children begin on the system with an accurate picture of which learning point (AP or assessment point and CAPs or Curriculum Assessment Points for non-core subjects) at which they are confidently working.   Each time a teacher marks the child’s work and identifies secure learning of a statement (or group of statements) then through using the simple electronic mark book, Step Up will plan their next steps supporting the professional demands on teachers.
    • This means that marking a child’s workbook is tracking of work in children’s workbooks and is NEVER a separate activity which demands extra time and can have inaccurate links to evidence.
  • What can Step Up do for our school?

    • Step Up ensures there is no needless repetition of learning at any stage so pace is not an issue in any classroom if used properly.
    • All subjects within the primary curriculum are effortlessly assessed together using clear Assessment Points or Curriculum Assessment Points to compare to expected and greater depth for outstanding pupil attainment and pupil progress.

    Information is portable between all Step Up 4 Success schools.

  • Our school is Requires Improvement and so we all feel under pressure to raise standards so how can Step Up help?

    • This is exactly why Step Up was designed – to support consistent learning in schools where raising attainment has been tricky.
    • It is worth using in RI schools because of the confidence it gives adults in proving that their children are making good progress through proud workbooks and accurately matched data.
    • Where everyone in RI schools fully embrace how to match their classroom approaches to include directly teaching new concepts alongside childrens’ independent application of skills it is much easier to be confident in showing effective learning and great progress in lessons.

    Children who use Step Up talk so enthusiastically it is hard not to be impressed by their knowledge and capabilities.

  • Does this mean that our children will spend lots of time using computers to access their learning?

    • Step Up is accessed and stored online yet the children do not access their learning online except when purposely making links to IT.
    • The irresistible benefits of Step Up link to the impressive ways that children succeed. Children love it because they feel they have some control over their learning and their pace.
    • Children are totally involved so that their personal commitment to progressing their own learning is strikingly high.
    • Children can develop their interests and talents for a lifelong and positive impact upon their future work and hobbies because of the way ICAN statements in all subjects cover the curriculum in a generic way.

    Children always say they enjoy this style of learning because thy achieve so much more.

  • How do teachers use Step Up?

    • Teachers use the system to automatically plan steps of learning cutting out the hours of manual work making it better because planning accurately reflects achievements in workbooks avoiding repetition or variation in difficulty.
    • Teachers have time for regular feedback and marking.
    • All adults have impressive knowledge of data and excellent curricular understanding to offer a rich, balanced and exciting education based upon involving children in deciding what they want to learn.

    Teachers significantly reduce the amount of personal time achieving a happier and improved life-work balance in an outstanding setting.