Soon to be launched Jump-up covers those all important years leading up to reception. It prepares children for school by insuring they have meet all all current expectations. Organisation running both Jump-up and Step-up have the added advantage that they can move their pupils seamlessly between both systems.

The great thing about Jump-up is how it integrates the i-can statements into Activities. Activities can be chosen by type for instance indoor or outdoor as well as by theme Christmas, Autumn and so on. Activities can also be filtered so that the ones selected are appropriate to the whole group and can allow the children to demonstrate their grasp of i-can statements at their own particular level. This allows children of all ages to participate in a single activity. The teacher can view the activity schedule allowing them to plan their week and they can also change the order of the activities if required.

Jump-up also includes a tracker so that the teacher/group leader can make sure that the pupils are progressing. The tracker also highlights the statements that are required to meet the year tests and other external baselines.

The system generates Precision learning maps for each pupil and also creates a digital scrapbook¬† to show what the pupil has been doing. If you choose the ‘Parental access’ option the scrapbook can be shared with the child’s parents or carers.

Jump-up is in the final stages of development and a full product description will be posted here after the launch.